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Developers of the CommunityCloud platform

Celebrating 15 years reaching all countries of the world

About us

WA Research is a small organization and primarily focused on providing collaboration platforms for non-profits, NGOs and international development organizations.

Partnering with WA Research will enable your team to immediately benefit from the platforms we have developed and tap into the vast experience of our team and our numerous partners. You will benefit from a tested platform, in use daily by thousands of people since 2003. Significant direct cost savings are but a fraction of the real value of our partnership. The value that will continue to grow as we better understand the needs of your users and partners, and evolve the platform to meet those needs.

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Our product: CommunityCloud

A simple to set up professional collaboration platform for Non-Profits and International Organizations

Discover CommunityCloud

13 years

Our unrelenting insistence on being stable and reliable without being in the way makes the CommunityCloud grow steadily as years go by.

7,000+ communities

Hundreds of communities get started on CommunityCloud every year. Start a new community when you need it with a click of a button.

600,000+ users

Everyone in international development is in some ways touched by CommunityCloud. The platform reaches people from every country on Earth!

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We'd love to hear from you! Whether it's to ask a question or share a suggestion, for a chat about how we can help your organization, or just to say hi.

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P: +41 22 361 13 58