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About us

Our approach

WA Research does not believe it is possible to create a successful bespoke community platform for a single organization, either by creating from scratch or by using any of the existing generic open source platforms promising quick customization and “plugins.” Many organizations have tried to do that, from small NGOs with a dozen people, to multi-billion-dollar-a-year UN bodies. Invariably, such attempts can cost upwards to $50000 for trivial “homepage” type projects, to tens of millions of dollars of wasted money and years of wasted time. None of them ends up to meet the original requirements that the organization set to achieve.

Organizations regularly underestimate the demands of overseeing a software development project. Agencies offering these services regularly downplay the complexity of building a software platform and the need to evolve the software product over at least three generations before it really fits the client’s needs.

WA Research was founded as a response to these challenges. Our core mission is to develop and steward a platform that serves the needs of many organizations, evolves with the needs of its users, and sustains the intellectual property over decades.

The version of the platform we have developed has already seen 13 years in use, and serves hundreds of thousands of users daily.

In our role as a steward of the platform, we are making it available to interested organizations in the form of a hosted service. This service is white label, meaning that each organization gives the name of it's own choosing to the platform. Creating a unique identity stimulates user participation and helps communicate the organization’s goals to participants.

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Guiding principles


Isn’t it great when you can just do your job with the tools you have and already know how to use? The people you want to work with feel the same. The best technology is invisible.

Saving your time

It’s easier to get what you need if you ask for only one thing instead of two. Don’t ask people to learn your web site; ask them only to contribute to the discussion.

Your success counts

We measure our success through yours. Our goal is to help you reach yours. And the best way to help you reach your goal is to help you help your users reach theirs.

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