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CommunityCloud is an easy collaboration tool designed to help globally dispersed teams communicate quickly and effectively, without the need to acquire new skills. Its core technology is email - a tool all participants in international development know, and the only electronic communication medium that all participants in the world use on a daily basis.


Invisible technology

Users who find using new systems or technology difficult can interact, collaborate and immerse themselves in the virtual community by using old fashioned, but reliable email.

Administrators can also quickly perform tasks with email without the need to login.

Enjoy working from your inbox, without having to waste time on learning yet another new login.

Designed by users

When users need extra or unique functionality it is quickly added, and anything that is not used is removed. This philosophy ensures that CommunityCloud remains simple to learn and easy to use.

Simple, stress-free technology ensures high participation in your communities.

When an organization funds a specific feature, the update is available to all participating organizations through shared ownership.

Sustainable longevity

CommunityCloud thrives as a platform in the non-profit sector, for 10 years already, thanks to the unique funding model and the Shared Ownership, CommunityCloud is the only platform to reach hundreds of thousands of users in non-profit/international development.

With its relentless focus on users, CommunityCloud has outlived many organizational initiatives or commercial offerings.


The CommunityCloud platform consists of a number of software and hardware components that together operate to provide an engagement and collaboration services for its users. While many components are needed to make this platform work, our guiding principle is simplicity. We are constantly working to simplify the architecture of the whole system and its individual components.

CommunityCloud is made of several core independent software components that are connected through well defined interfaces such as Email components and a Web user interface.

Email components

Email components are divided into receiving and sending functions, which are very different in nature.


On the receiving side, the focus is on blocking spam traffic without impacting users’ email traffic and without letting spam through. We operate our own anti-spam servers, as we found out that the motivation of so-called anti-spam filtering services are not aligned with our and our partners’ interests. Major part of the tooling for anti-spam and email reception is made up of known and well-tested open source services, combined in the ways specific to serving our partners needs.


On the sending side, the focus is on the speed and precision of delivery. Tracking which mailbox providers might block or slow-down reception of messages sent through the CommunityCloud platform, correcting those problems, and making sure that email is delivered as quickly as possible to a large number of recipients. Core mail delivery components use reliable open source services spread among number of data centers around the world. This allows us to deliver large amounts of email traffic quickly and reliably . Email tracking and storage is tailored specifically to the needs of our partners.

Web user interface

Web user interface is a custom developed application that continuously evolves with our users and modern internet and browser technology. Controlling the whole software base allows us to fine tune it at much lower cost and with higher performance than any generic software solution that has to compromise and respond to diverse (and often conflicting) needs of its supporters. Where possible, we use reliable open source services, such as web and database servers, and only write our own custom software in areas where it makes sense and adds value.